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Events in Colorado

We have developed a Drupal 7 based website which hosts weekly calendars of various events happening in the state of Colorado. The events are categorized according to their locations, and also by the event type such as music, theatre, dance, sport, festival, etc. A calendar of events is available for each location and / or category. The events can be searched by name, location, category and date range. The venues of these events are also listed in detail, with photos, map, etc. The site supports different types of sponsored event listings, which are provided with greater visibility and links to external resources (e.g. for buying tickets), as compared to a regular listing. We have also offered the ability to feature banner ads in multiple places inside a page. Under the hood, the site administrator has the ability to bulk upload events from spreadsheets / CSV files. We have also offered the ability to bulk create locations and event categories. 

In view of the hundreds of events that are needed to be shown on the homepage at any given time, the performance was a key concern. We systematically addressed this issue and speeded up the site to a great extent, by optimizing the views queries, enabling Drupal cache, and by compressing and aggregating CSS/JS files. The site design follows the 'mobile first' principle, so that it is responsive to the form factor of the acccessing device.

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