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Mulay's Sausage

This is an e-commerce site based on Commerce Kickstart - a Drupal distribution that is centered around the Drupal Commerce suite of e-commerce modules. Our client, Mulay's Sausage, is a reputed supplier of sausages across the US. The site allows any buyer from anywhere in the US to order their pick of sausages from the given catalog, and checkout their order by making an online payment.

We used products and product variations of the Commerce module to create various sausage packs of different weights. Shipping module was used to charge a shipping fee on top of the product cost. Some customizations were made to alter the shipping fee calculations as per client requirements. Similarly, we added some custom rules to suit the desired workflow of the client, such as automatically mailing a buyer when their order is shipped. The site was integrated with to faciliate online payments. Mailchimp integration was added to manage customer newsletters and mailings. We used a commercial 3rd party theme, but customized it so that it worked well with our Drupal Commerce functionality. The site follows 'mobile first' design principles so as to adapt to the form factor of various accessing devices.