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Rocky Mountain Getaways

We setup a Drupal 7 based website for Rocky Mountain Getaways(RMG) - a Colorado based travel operator that specializes in planning vacations to various skiing destinations spread across the North and South Americas. RMG has partnered with thousands of hotels, lodges and other types of vacation properties and can get the best deals for its clients. In addition, RMG also arranges for rental cars, ski equipment rentals, ski lift tickets, ski schools and other related services that might be required by its vacationing customers. Its friendly sales professionals are always available to provide the best matching options that fit the needs and the budget of its clients.

RMG needed its website to accurately present the whole gamut of its offerings, as well as highlight from time to time, the various special deals and promotions from its partner establishments. We implemented the site using Drupal 7, and themed it as per the designs provided by RMG. The site has descriptive and statistical information on over 40 skiing destinations, and for each of them, the list of lodging options, and other activities that could be planned in those destinations. Each lodging property has a descriptive page as well, detailing the amenities, salient features, dozens of photos, map info, etc. The overall site is image rich, in a manner that appeals to a prospective vacationer.

The site offers friendly web forms, which a holidayer can fill out and initiate the booking process right away. Relevant and necessary information gathered from these forms are used by sales agents to tailor the perfect vacation packages, in coordination with the clients who submit these forms. These web forms neatly tie into the backend call center information system, to enable the above process. We have also been engaged to develop this backend call center information system using Symfony 2 - a highly extensible web application framework.

We initially implemented a mobile website using a specialized theme for the same, and using a theming switching module based on device detection. Subsequently, the mobile site was replaced by developing a responsive theme by sub-theming Zen base theme. With this, the site intelligently adapts to the form factor of the accessing device.

The technologies used for this project are: Drupal 7, Jquery and its various plugins, REST protocol (to interconnect Drupal and Symfony), PHP, MySQL and CSS.