Tafe Cafe

TAFE is a billion dollar tractor major headquartered in Chennai, India. TAFE publishes a monthly online magazine / newsletter called 'Tafe Cafe', for its workforce spanning thousands of employees.

The website allows its employees to sign up and contribute articles to the magazine. The site incorporates a content approval mechanism, whereby, the submitted articles need to be approved by a team of editors before they get published to the site. The editors can choose to return an article to a contributor if it requires further refinement or may enhance it themselves. The articles can include a set of images or a video as attachments. The images are rendered as a slideshow, and the videos are rendered as multimedia players. The articles are tagged / classified into various categories and sections, and the site's navigation is built on these categories / sections, ensuring easy access to a desired article.

The users can also comment and rate other articles, maintain their personal profiles, and participate in discussion forums in this site. Tafe Cafe could potentially evolve into an internal social network for TAFE employees, enabling them to leverage their collective social capital.

We implemented Tafe Cafe using Drupal 7 and its modules. Client-side richness was achieved using Jquery and its plugins. We themed the site as per the designs furnished by TAFE.

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