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Vacation Planning System

We have developed a Symfony 2 powered vacation planning system for Rocky Mountain Getaways (RMG) - a leading travel operator specializing in skiing destinations spread across the North and South Americas. This system is being used by RMG's call center agents and administrators, to handle vacation planning requests received from prospective travellers, over the phone or the Internet.  


We extensively use Jquery to accomplish dynamic client-side behaviors on the websites that we develop. These features enhance the usability of a web application to such an extent that its interactiveness almost rivals that of a desktop application.


We develop web 2.0 apps using the LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) suite of server-side technologies. We have embraced the PHP based frameworks of Drupal and Symfony, on which we have been building our capabilities over the years.

We also have significant experience in other related technologies such as HTML5, CSS, XML, JSON, REST, SOAP, etc. We have accomplished many 3rd party integrations with social media sites, payment gateways, and other services that expose their functionality over an API.