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About us

We are a boutique web development firm located in Chennai, India. We specialize in developing websites powered by open source frameworks such as Drupal and Symfony. We cater to clients from around the world, from the Tourism, Travel & Hospitality industry.

We are passionate about facing challenges and overcoming them. We have internalized the philosophy of open source and have created an environment of sharing and helping each other. Also, we have contributed back to the open source communities in the form of modules / patches and by offering help in the developer forums. We are constantly in pursuit of knowledge - whether it pertains to new concepts, practices, tools or technologies. This enables us to keep pace with the rapid changes that take place in this industry.

We are led by Ravi Sambamurthy, an information technology professional with over two decades of experience. Ravi has worked in a variety of organizations ranging from large national level companies addressing the local market, to startups that addressed a global market. He has handled diverse responsibilities spanning business development, marketing, consulting, programming and project management. He holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering.

Our developers are engineering graduates or post-graduates, with a deep understanding of the PHP development frameworks such as Drupal and Symfony. Each has over 2 years of industry experience that included working on challenging international projects.

We have bagged many prestigious assignments and have brought on board, a competent and committed team of developers. While these breakthroughs helped to a great extent, we have striven hard to live up to the expectations and the confidence that was placed on us, which has lead to sustained relationships, repeat engagements, and a loyal force of professionals.

Some of the salient aspects of our story are: reliance on proven and open technologies / best practices, curiosity and perseverance to get to the very depths of knowledge, and the habit of sharing what we've learnt. Going forward, we foresee ourselves scaling up and catering to a much larger audience. In view of the open platforms and philosophies that we've embraced, we hope to enable organizations and businesses with affordable software solutions that are easy to operate and maintain.

If you wish to be a part of this highly energetic team, get in touch with us using this form. Alternately, if you wish to hire us for your projects, use this form instead, to post your enquiry.