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We extensively use Jquery to accomplish dynamic client-side behaviors on the websites that we develop. These features enhance the usability of a web application to such an extent that its interactiveness almost rivals that of a desktop application.

Jquery is a Javascript library which can be used to implement interactive actions whenever specified browser events occur on specified elements of a webpage. These events could be mouse clicks, mouse overs, keystrokes or any other such user actions which could be used to trigger appropriate responses, that could dynamically alter the page states.

Jquery also offers a simplified API for making AJAX (i.e. Asynchronous Javascript and XML) requests to the server, which then sends responses back to the browser. These responses could then be used to replace parts of a page, without requiring a time-consuming page reload. The cumulative effect of the above is that the user is able to perform required operations easily and with minimum latency.   

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