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About Us

At a glance

Team of highly motivated professionals offering open source solutions for the World Wide Web, with deep expertise in Drupal and Symfony frameworks. Founded in the year 2010 and located in Chennai, India.

Service offerings

Bespoke web application development and maintenance, performance optimization, migration and upgrade. Contribution of open source modules and patches. Technical training on web technologies.

Our Philosophy

Passionate and inquisitive about new technologies and developments. Believe in open source as a strategy to deliver reliable and affordable solutions. Customer-centric. Employee friendly. Quality driven.

The Team

Headed by Ravi Sambamurthy – an IT professional with over three decades of experience. Staffed by seasoned professionals with consistent track records that span several years. Well versed in programming languages, project management, product development and quality assurance.


About Drupal

Open source content management software built on top of Symfony - a leading PHP web application framework. Highly extensible using 3rd party contributed modules and custom developed modules. Serves information to browsers and native apps, on a variety of devices and gadgets. Widely adopted by public and private organizations, throughout the world.

Our Drupal Expertise

Delivering Drupal based websites since inception, from version 5 to the current version of 10. Developed innumerable custom modules and themes. Contributed many patches and modules. Integrated and configured many popular third party modules and distributions. Implemented fully decoupled Drupal solution using a frontend Javascript framework. Active member of the Drupal community, attending Drupal meetups and conferences.

Our Drupal Services

Full stack Drupal development including backend, frontend, modules and themes. Wireframe based UI design and layout. Upgrades, Migrations and Performance optimizations. Integration of Drupal websites with third party systems. Implementation of headless Drupal solutions using frontend Javascript framework. Delivering Drupal content to browsers and native environments.


About Symfony

Collection of reusable PHP components. Web application framework that uses the MVC (model – view – controller) design pattern. Extensive spectrum of third party bundles offering a variety of features. Widely adopted by industry leading applications and projects such as Drupal, Joomla, phpBB and Laravel.

Our Symfony Expertise

Built enterprise class applications using Symfony. Developed innumerable custom bundles and Twig templates. Integrated Symfony with 3rd party applications and systems. Built complex queries using the Doctrine ORM that comes built-in with Symfony, for fine grained analysis and reports. Have extensive experience on Drupal, which is entirely built using Symfony components.

Our Symfony Services

Bespoke development of mission-critical business applications for the web using Symfony. Performance tuning of complex Symfony applications. Integration with external applications and data feeds, over REST / SOAP API. Development of Twig templates in accordance with the page designs / wireframes. Upgradation of Symfony applications.   


About Javascript

A light weight, feature-rich programming language to facilitate dynamic client-side behaviors for websites. Enables html document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animations and AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML), in a browser-agnostic and device-agnostic manner. 

Our Javascript Expertise

Developed Javascript (i.e. Jquery) behaviors for Drupal and Symfony websites, to achieve rich interactions and instantaneous responses. Reused third party Jquery plugins as well as developed our own custom plugins, to accomplish specialized actions and user experiences. Developed Node.js based server processes to push real-time notifications to browser clients. Developed Single Page Applications (SPAs) using frontend frameworks such as Angular, as well as using plain Javascript, with Drupal CMS on the backend.  

Vacation Planning System - A Case Study

At a glance

Technologies used: Symfony 2 framework, Jquery, Node.js, REST, SOAP, Apache Web Server, MySQL database

Functionality: Salesforce Automation, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management and Business Intelligence, for the Leisure industry

Target users: Vacation specialists and managers of Rocky Mountain Getaways, a packaged ski vacations provider in CO, USA

Physical Architecture

Built on Symfony MVC framework. Third party bundles integrated for plug and play extensibility. Custom bundles developed to implement specialized features and applications. Setup a Node.js server based push mechanism to deliver real-time notifications. Integrated with 3rd party web services over REST / SOAP for pulling live inventory feeds, payment processing and content delivery to customer-facing sales website.

Under the hood

Custom developed Symfony bundles provide Inventory, Sales and Customer Relations management, aided by innumerable other specialized bundles for specific features such as reporting, mailing, document management and communicating with external systems.

Tym Productivity Tracking application - A Case Study

At a glance

Technologies used: Symfony 6.4 framework, Javascript, Webpack Encore, Chart.js, Bootstrap, Apache Web Server, MySQL database

Functionality: Web based productivity tracking application that can be used by staff members of organizations to report the tasks completed and activities participated. These would be accessible to their supervising managers and customers, based on which they could plan ahead and take corrective measures if required, to achieve their intended objectives and stay on budget. 

Target users: Staff members of organizations involved in knowledge work such as Information Technology, Consulting, Design, Document Creation, Content Creation, etc. 

Physical Architecture

Built on Symfony MVC framework version 6.4. User Interface developed using a combination of Webpack Encore, Bootstrap framework and other third party plugins. Data persisted in MySQL database. Website hosted on Apache Web Server. 

Under the hood

 Custom features implemented using Symfony controllers and services, Doctrine powered database queries, Twig templates and Javascript based event handlers. Chart.js used to render useful infographics. 

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