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About Symfony

Collection of reusable PHP components. Web application framework that uses the MVC (model – view – controller) design pattern. Extensive spectrum of third party bundles offering a variety of features. Widely adopted by industry leading applications and projects such as Drupal, Joomla, phpBB and Laravel.

Our Symfony Expertise

Built enterprise class applications using Symfony. Developed innumerable custom bundles and Twig templates. Integrated Symfony with 3rd party applications and systems. Built complex queries using the Doctrine ORM that comes built-in with Symfony, for fine grained analysis and reports. Have extensive experience on Drupal, which is entirely built using Symfony components.

Our Symfony Services

Bespoke development of mission-critical business applications for the web using Symfony. Performance tuning of complex Symfony applications. Integration with external applications and data feeds, over REST / SOAP API. Development of Twig templates in accordance with the page designs / wireframes. Upgradation of Symfony applications.