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Tym Productivity Tracking application - A Case Study

At a glance

Technologies used: Symfony 6.4 framework, Javascript, Webpack Encore, Chart.js, Bootstrap, Apache Web Server, MySQL database

Functionality: Web based productivity tracking application that can be used by staff members of organizations to report the tasks completed and activities participated. These would be accessible to their supervising managers and customers, based on which they could plan ahead and take corrective measures if required, to achieve their intended objectives and stay on budget. 

Target users: Staff members of organizations involved in knowledge work such as Information Technology, Consulting, Design, Document Creation, Content Creation, etc. 

Physical Architecture

Built on Symfony MVC framework version 6.4. User Interface developed using a combination of Webpack Encore, Bootstrap framework and other third party plugins. Data persisted in MySQL database. Website hosted on Apache Web Server. 

Under the hood

 Custom features implemented using Symfony controllers and services, Doctrine powered database queries, Twig templates and Javascript based event handlers. Chart.js used to render useful infographics. 

Website URL